The Lifecasting Process
The process to complete your life casts will take approximately 4-6 weeks.   If you require these earlier, please do not hesitate to discuss with us and arrangements could be made. All lifecasting will take place in our studio but arrangements could be made to go on site.
What to Expect
The making of your keepsake is a two-part process. Your involvement is in the making of the mould and this take usually within an hour to complete.  As it could get a little messy, we would suggest you wear something suitable for such occasions. The second part which involves the actual casting to finish will be done by us over a longer period. We will inform you once it is all ready for collection.
Part 1: The Mould
Step 1: You would have decided on your pose by now. It is crucial that you and your family are able to hold this pose for 3-5 minutes so we could practice this with you for a few minutes. For pet casts, you might require a little more time to calm and settle them into a comfortable position.
Step 2: A paste is prepared in a bucket, sized to fit your pose. Once ready, the body-part of choice is inserted into this.  It is important that the position is held suspended centre, and not touching the sides or the bottom of the bucket. There can be no delay at this stage as this paste will harden to make the mould.
Step 3: After 3-5 minutes, the paste would set and harden into a rubberlike material.  This is the mould.  At this point, you will have to wriggle out of the form slowly so as not to damage or tear the form. We therefore do not recommend sharp-edged jewelleries.  The release of couple hand or multiple hand poses will require more time and most importantly, patience.  Once released, Part 1 is complete.
Part 2: The Casting
Step 1: Once the mould is allowed to cure for approximately an hour, we will begin the casting.  This entails pouring in of the special liquid plaster into your mould and allowing that to set.
Step 2: When the plaster has hardened, it will be released from the mould. Now begins the intricate work of carefully cleaning and brushing the sculpture to prepare for painting.
Step 3: When painting is complete, we will proceed to mount or frame as per your request.
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