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The Poses & Display Options
Once you have made the decision to have a cast done, you will have to decide on your pose. Except for the multiple hands wreath pose, all other sculpture would be of the hands up to the widest part, just short of the wrists.  This is so that the hands can be easily released once the mould hardens.
The poses also determine the style in which the final sculpture can be displayed.  A couple cast would typically be free-standing or plinth mounted due to the bulk. Single-hand casts for adults & babies or pet paws could either be framed or plinth mounted. Multiple casts like babies 2-casts & 4-casts or an owner & pet cast could be presented in shadow boxes or what some might call treasure boxes.  Due to the space available in these deep boxes, pictures and other momentos could be accommodated.
Given the choices available to you, the costs would vary.  Typically, once you have made your requirements clear, we will be providing you with a quote.
Babies & Pets
The casting process itself is painless and quick but it does require one to hold a position for at least 3-5 minutes.  For this reason, newborns and infants up till 2 years old make the best candidates for casting. Alternatively, children from the age of 5 years old would be more cooperative.
The same should be considered for pets.  Casting is best for those with a calm temperament or those which could be pacified with biscuits.  We do also offer casting for deceased pets.
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